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for organizations, and for families and individuals living with Autism Spectrum Disorders

Personalized Services

My role as a consultant to families and individuals is to navigate the complicated medical, social, educational, and emotional aspects of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in order to help others come to understand, accept, and appreciate the unique qualities of individuals on the spectrum. Whether your family is new to the diagnostic process or is struggling with a specific issue related to ASD, I will help you find and access the resources in your community to help you with treatment, support, advocacy, and empowerment.
At SpectrAbilities, we believe that everyone has unique gifts. Abilities are as important as disabilities! No two people with autism are the same. No two plans are the same. Let’s talk about how I can support YOUR family’s specific needs.

Services for Organizations

Successful organizations are always looking to find solutions to better serve their clients.  As a consultant to organizations that work within the ASD community, I offer a fresh perspective and will tailor an action plan to help promote your business, increase your volunteer support, or construct new programs to enhance your service to the community.  Let’s talk about how I can support YOUR organization’s specific needs.


At SpectrAbilities, we are advocates for individuals on the spectrum and the families that love them.  As my son AJ (a teenager with Asperger’s) says – autism may be a disability, but it is not always disabling.  Rather than just focusing on the deficits that may come with autism, we believe in advocating for the strengths that each person possesses.  How can those strengths compensate for weaknesses in the classroom?  How can those strengths translate into skills for employability?  Let’s discuss your needs and how advocacy becomes an action plan that helps fulfill those needs.


SpectrAbilities regularly publishes articles by Tara O’Gorman, MSW, and guest authors who offer a positive perspective on life with Autism Spectrum Disorders.
Are you looking for a support group? Social group for your child? IEP advocate? Books about girls on the spectrum? Let’s talk about how I can support you and your family.